Man and Horse: a photostory of my daughter Anna
Project info

My attempt has been to outline my beloved daughter Anna’s life in the field she dedicates most of her time; horse riding. Browsing my archives, I realized I had several good pictures of her in various scenes both in and out of the arena. Selecting was hard. Thus, I focused more on those pictures that depicted the inner world of a girl and her relationship with horses. Moments of utter joy, love, hard work, moments of deep thought, agony and fear, will and determination. Seeing her as she lived in her own different world, I tried to touch the strings of her inner world as they echoed back to me. It is a truly magical relationship, the one Anna formed with the horses and especially those she called her own. A unique relationship that exists among all the children involved in this sport. I was astounded by the fact that these animals, apart from their outer beauty, seem to have a special impact on us humans, especially on the children’s pure souls. An exciting bond is created, a loving relationship between rider and horse.