Requiem for Mother..
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In life, we cross paths with many other people. Some of them become but fleeting memories, while others awake strong feelings in us - love, motivation, hope.

A while ago, when I was visiting a small town in Belgium to visit my friend, I met a girl who told me that her mother had terminal cancer (malignant lymphoma). Her words resontated with me, reminding me of my own father who had died of the same disease. I was heartbroken. I saw her, wasting away – skin and bone, her neck and arms burnt black because of radiation therapy. And yet the family was full of love – one could see that from the way she was gently covered with a big scarf. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. The girl had just graduated from college, dreaming to become a policewoman. Her life was ahead of her and her happiness was supposed to continue for much longer. And yet, a few days after I took this picture, her mother departed to heaven. To think a disease would tear apart a family and their lives, that it can be so cruel.

While medical advancements are made every day, the fight against cancer still carries on. And it will, until no family has to lose a member in this way. Despite the immense sorrow caused by such loss, it is the future's bright beam of hope that makes one carry on, the exact same beam of hope I saw in the girl's eyes.