People matching artworks
Project info

I started to lookout for this series in 2015 (after realizing 2,3 coinicidents within some months in 2014), i have a total of 180 photographs now. I print them on fineart paper and frame them in 23.4 x 33.1 in (Edition of 3) or 16.5 x 23.4 in (Edition of 5), mostly depends how close i came/ how much i have to crop.
If you have a look on my other series you can notice that nothing is staged, no one realizes that i take a photograph of them (of their back). It's "Streetphotography" pure. I'm a voyeur and a hunter. I prefer to look for matches with old masters or old art in general, matches with contemporary art are quite often and too easy for me, i want to make a bridge between the centuries, connect different times.
Stefan Draschan, Photographer and bicycle-activist, born in Austria, lives in Vienna and Berlin. For his newest series 'People Matching Artworks' he spends hours, sometimes days in Berlin’s museums on the search for interesting motives. The key is the perfect “match” – a correlation in terms of colour or form between the person and the object. His photographs don’t only connect two motifs, they connect the moment and the while, and the old with the new, time hereby plays a crucial role. The notion that today’s art world could only operate in a very limited way without taking into consideration social issues fully applies to Stefan Draschan’s work. The museum visitors he portrays, with their clothes gazing in awe at art works, transform into a Gesamtkunstwerk.