The Garbage Disposal Problem
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One of the most important problem which distress Nepal is the garbage disposal.
Kathmandu became the second most polluted city in Asia even if the population is lower than the others big cities of the continent.
This problem which affect directly the environment and consequently the people who inhabit it, is unluckily growing especially after the earthquake in 2015.
This reportage is focused about the many interests which surround this activity.
It talks about the government action plans, the private recycling companies, passing through the black workers called waste-pickers whose rummages through the garbage in search of valuables.
This problem starts to increase since the most of the people who lives in villages wants to move to the big cities in search of higher opportunities, creating more and more garbage that is difficult to dispose without a proper action plan.
The lack of knowledge about how to dispose the waste accurately is another causes of its increase. Luckily in the last year something is slowly changing, thanks to some initiatives taken by private companies as sensibilization campaigns, door to door waste collecting and the birth of some recycling centers.
I developed this reportage because I think that each of us has the moral duty to dispose garbage in a responsible manner so as to teach future generations about the importance of protecting the environment in which we live.