The Earthquake in Nepal
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On the 25th April 2015 the earth started to tremble in Kathmandu Valley.
Every street and every square were filled by an huge crowd that was crying and screaming.
Everyone tried to call their beloved in order to know if they were still alive.
The desperation of the people mingled with the ruins, the dust was blowing in the air dancing with the ravens.
At that moment no caste was important, every people were ready to help each other carried by a brotherhood spirit.
The whole country was on his knees.
Almost nine thousand people died, thousands are still now without any shelter where to live, the ruins are still on the roads and the memories of the earthquake actually never faded in their memories.
After one year the situation of the country is still drammatic, aided by the fact that Indian government imposed a gas and petrol blockade that slowed down the reconstruction.
The funds promised by the government, almost 2000$ for each family, never reached them. The people can count only on themselves. Sometimes the poorest families force the children to left the school in order to find a little job that giving them some extra money.
Thousands of people are still condemned to live in earthquake relief camps, where they are organizing a true comunity inside it, with shops and schools.
The situation in the city is nowadays getting better rather than villages, where the resources are limited and the recostruction is going on only thanks to several NGO’s that undertaked this mission.
In addition, the government instability doesn’t help the develop of this country more and more in the hands of the private companies.
Although the people are resigned about this situation, they absolutely wants to raise again.
As always with their smile that never left their faces.