The Remotes Areas of Mid-Western Nepal
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Situated at the feet of Himalaya, the Mid-Western Nepal is one of the poorest zone in the whole country.
Due to a lack of tourism, it seems that in this place, the time is never passed.
The people are used to work with the sun, from 5 a.m. to 6/7 p.m., even the children without the machines help. The pauses are only for eating lunch and pray at the temple, clothes and dishes are washed in the rivers and in the villages there is neither gas for the house warming or electricity.
The main source of livelihood for the inhabitants of the District is agriculture and rearing of muttons, buffalos and chickens.
The fields that shapes the valleys are cultivated with a special type of rice called Oryza Sativa L which can reach the 3000 metres high which are one of the highest in the world. The others fields are cultivated with wheat, barley and others legumes plantations which are at the basis of local diet.
The many problems of this region as the weather conditions and the precarious communication through almost inexistent roads, makes life of inhabitants of this place very tough.
For example during the winter the temperature could reach the minus 20 degrees and the snow starts to fall in enormous quantity blocking every communication system, while the summer coincides with the beginning of monsoons which block the most of the roads due to landslides.
In the last 10 years thanks to several NGO the storage and cultivation techniques have been improved. Due to this, the inhabitants now have the chance even of selling their product to a national market in order to earn more money for improve their lives condition and not only for their sustenance.