DanSing Junior 2016 – Behind the Scenes
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One of the joys of a parent is to watch their child discover its talent at a very young age. It’s a great joy, in particular, to watch their child’s talent develop through Mega Channel Cyprus’ television show “DanSing Junior”. It is even more amazing to watch and feel how the young contestants experience this challenge.
It is also remarkable that children in their preteens transform on stage with all the seriousness of an adult, while backstage they behave like people their age, teasing and joking with each other.
What is more striking is that they have developed friendships among them and we, on the outside, have not sensed any competition or rivalry. We felt and saw the anxiety drawn on their faces, the stress, the magnitude of their service and the joy about what they are doing. And it is these emotions that I tried to capture.