The Sindoor Jatra
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The Sindoor Jatra is a traditional festival that takes place during April in a Newari village in the outskirt of Kathmandu, called Sano Thimi.
This ancient tradition was born from Newari ethnicity (the ethnic group who inhabit the Kathmandu Valley) to celebrate the Nepali New Year, which involves all the inhabitans of the surrounding villages.
The women usually red dressed, before the beginning of the real celebration, are devotes to worship the Hindu gods with some food offers and prayers while the men prepare the chariots which contain the gods statues in order to show them during the parade.
Throughout this huge celebration the whole village dance under the rhythms of drums and cymbals while a lot of vermillion powder are spread in the air and in the faces of the people.
This celebration is particularly tough to sustain by the men who are in charge of the chariots parade because only one chariot can weigh over 300 kg.
During the parade the women and children are invited to stay behind their house doors or some temple's arcades in order to protect themselves from the dangerous parade, where even sometimes the chariot bearers are out of control.
After the last step of the festival in which almost everybody have to carry a big torch in their hands on the main streets of Sano Thimi, the celebration will end in an enthusiastic atmosphere.