Asylum from the Madness - The making of the film Dead when I got here
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Made over four years, the award winning 'Dead when I got here' (2015) is a film like no other. Compassion and redemption are discovered by a man as he manages a mental asylum run by its own patients in Juárez, Mexico. The seeds of hope profoundly brought to life by his daughter in LA who thought him dead, finding him during the making of this timeless film.

'Told with candour, 'Asylum from the Madness' is about learning to dispense with charitable pity. It is about realising how useless our cosseted lives and values are in the face of raw survival. This book is inspiration for living that is less diluted, more essential.'

A masterpiece, epic and intimate. The faces in this film are like a thousand Caravaggios - they are us and we are them.
Ed Vulliamy, THE OBSERVER beautiful as anything you will find in Bresson or Tarkovsky, it is one of the finest examples of documentary filmmaking I've ever seen. Scott Graham, SCOTTISH MENTAL HEALTH FILM FESTIVAL

Gripping and tender. THE LANCET

The film takes people to a place they did not know and did not expect to visit, the humanity of the insane.
Charles Bowden, WRITER

Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2015
Docs DF 2015, Mexico
One World Media 2016

Words and photographs by Mark Aitken
Edited by Paul Moody
201pp including 23 full colour photographs, paperback,
120g paper, 210mm x 250mm