Project info

I am a traveler in my own land, an eternal migrant. I gather memories; reorganize the materials of reality into an alternate entity. There is no purpose to this action of gathering except for my passion to understand, to feel.
In my wanderings I find myself drawn to relics, to traces left in the landscape. To all those signs left behind by culture, which at times become a sort of preposterous testimony. Sometimes enchanted and tempted by the exoticism photography offers, in other instances my perspective becomes ironic and critical. The figures I capture are lost. They are detached and disconnected and it seems as though they belong to a species on the verge of extinction, existing in a bizarre, ephemeral reality. Ghosts scattered on the earth, which is itself in chaos.
My photography bears within it the memory of a different type of photography, somewhat distant, removed from here and now. My work contains a yearning, but it is unclear what for. This is a longing with no addressee, an unfulfilled romanticism.