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Since the beginning of 2013, the process of Wet Plate Collodion Photography has provided Angie Brockey the avenue to satisfy a desire to create something that honors a slower enrichment of life. Wet plate gets back to the roots of photography and the process from start to finish feels beautifully organic. Angie mixes her photography chemicals using 1800’s recipes and shoots with the same wooden cameras and antique brass lenses as were used soon after the creation of this wonderful process. She pours the collodion emulsion onto glass or metal plates for her timeless images and has also devised a way to shoot in camera on semi-precious stone, utilizing these tiny stones in her handmade and silversmithed jewelry pieces. Angie has been recognized for this unique and challenging endeavor and many of her works, her larger plates as well as tiny wearable art pieces continue to be enjoyed, worn and displayed in private collections and galleries around the U.S..