Polaroid photography: Memory box
Project info

Memory box was a project made for a exhibition. It was a collaboration between the jeweler Tsveta Trendafilova and me. The two of us worked in a parallel - me in Sofia, she in Barcelona. We set ourselves a broad thematic framework that excited us both - memory and memories. I shot the whole series with Polaroid land 440. Instant photography proved to me the best carrier of something so ephemeral that is both memory and steal time from the memory of an image. With time and the accumulation of practical experience I clearly realize at what point photo should be ready. On the one hand, it was intuition and the other – the feeling that I'm ready. Almost the entire series of 10 photographs was made at once. During this time Tsveta sent me the samples of her jewelry collection and it was amazing how her and my work had very similar "sound". Our work coincided in expression of femininity.