Soccer: A State of Art and Happiness
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This is the feeling of every brazilian when the subject is soccer game. Five times champion and the only country that participated in all editions of the World Cup of Soccer since the first one in 1930, brazilian soccer fans have enough reasons to see themselves as the best soccer players in the world. Brazil is also the mother land of Pelé, the best soccer player in history (despite argentine player Maradona disagrees). Pelé made over one thousand scores in his career and is the only soccer player in the world that won three times the Wold Cup showing his apogee in 1970 when Brazil won its third Wold Cup with a team that is considered by soccer fans the best group so ever, something like the US basketball Dream Team and Pelé been the Magic Johnson, but....more.
For brazilians a soccer game goes far beyond the competition and a soccer field is a territory for creative moves of the body’s players and a show of a natural skill to make with the soccer ball “whatever they want” with a permanent state of happyness. The same hapiness that make milions of brazilians to shake their bodys in the streets every year during a carnival week. The italian moviemaker Pier Paolo Passolini refered to the brazilian game as soccer poetry. So, how this works for brazilian photographers? How to make pictures and images and document an sport that for brazilians is not only a sport but “an art” that you are supposed to know how to play since you are a kid and does not matter if happens on a professional soccer field or in the rural areas of the country side with kids using a very old ball or in a slum upon the hills in Rio de Janeiro, or in Ipanema beach playing until sun sinks down.
When the World Cup arrives every four years, the Brazilian National Soccer Team is expected to win but more than that, to do it nicely, with a beautyfull show of a soccer game. The 2014 World Cup is running in Brazil, so we selected a group of photos to show this spirit of a state of love that brazilians have with soccer game. Opening the photo gallery there is an spetacular picture of brazilian most famous soccer player Pelé doing a perfect “bike”, a moviment in wich the player jumps in the air and in order to hit the ball on the right moment, he twists his legs like he would riding a bike up side down. This perfect photo was made by brazilian photographer Alberto Ferreira, in june 2nd 1965 during a game that Brazil beat Belgic by 5 x 0 in Rio de Janeiro’s stadium of Maracanã using a Leica M3 camera. Ferreira died in 2007 and this photo is in the Art Galery Lume in São Paulo and also in collections of art museums in Latin America and Europe. The photo galery shows also an special selection of brazilian women photographers with their own point of view about soccer and genre. Enjoy it.