Project info

My Home and Workplace

It is a seemingly endless tract of lights, malls, housing developments, and highways that stretch from Washington to Philly to NYC to Boston. Human impact is even evident many miles above the earth, where the bright splash of light in nighttime satellite images easily identifies this industrialized corner of the globe.

Yet even amidst the sprawl of one of the busiest, most developed areas on the planet, there remains areas of natural beauty and solitude. My home is 40 miles north of Philadelphia and 90 miles west of NYC in the Unami Creek Valley. It is a boulder strewn, heavily wooded area that is largely unchanged since the time when the Lenape Indians roamed these same woods.

My Work

Contrary to the dark and threatening place depicted in fables and movies, to me the forest has always been an inviting and welcoming place. More than just a refuge, however, these woodlands offer contrast and balance to the surrounding urban sprawl. It is a place where the sound of a hunter’s gunshot coexists with the distant rumble of a tractor trailer on the turnpike. Where you are as equally likely to see a great heron or eagle as a traffic helicopter.

Why trees?
The trees are more than just a distinguishing feature of the area; they are its strength and beauty
showing permanence and longevity
Trees are revered - they shade, they hide, they insulate, they protect, they house, they provide
At the same time they are ever-changing, adapting, growing
Individual beauty and collective strength
Unique features
I aim to capture the strength and beauty of these trees.

May silence make you strong
Open your heart
Respect the Earth
Examine, experience, understand

Each is an acrylic facemount framed in an LED Lightbox illuminated from behind to accentuate depth and sunlight