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During my travels in the Israeli-Palestinian Territories, I encountered a land riddled with tensions. For Israelis and Palestinians alike, the concept of “home” is a historically fraught issue. Both the physical and the cultural landscape have been subjected to the truths and myths of family legacies and national identities. Territories, mapped and remapped throughout generations, overlap in a conflict of land confiscation, a rising cost of living, and environmental neglect. In this divided territory of natural beauty and urban sprawl, the search for a truly free home is a visceral one. With my photographs of the Israeli-Palestinian Territories, I attempt to show the persistent sense of boundary within landscapes in the presence of cultural and physical borders. I seek to highlight the conflation of a divided self-identity and divided home by calling attention to the tentative ephemeral gazes of the subjects and the enduring sense of frontier. These borders, whether self-imposed or externally constructed by political and cultural forces, complicate and inform the subjects’ relationship with their environment. The photographs of the Israeli-Palestinian Territories question the nature of these boundaries.