Havana Centro
Project info

Havana Centro is, as the name suggests, a central neighbourhood in Havana and lies between Havana Vieja (the more prominent old town) and the more spacious and desirable Vedado. On walking through this neighbourhood on my first visit to Havana (in 2009) I was struck by the architectural environment (infamously deteriorated and often held together or altered only through basic means) and how Cuban’s inhabited this environment but also the sense of isolation you felt Cuba had at that time (on many levels, the economic reforms that have recently taken place had only just begun or still only being considered, relations with America had not yet opened up and American tourists were few and far between, wifi did not exist in Cuba and internet access was prohibitively expensive for the majority of Cubans and only accessible through government-run outlets). This is what has generated this series of photos.

I use street photography (my photographs are candid observations captured from the street, they're not posed for or set up, however I don't employ street photography's typical language - stray hands and feet etc) and I look to capture scenes of everyday life by using the architectural setting as a back drop, or set, to explore how life is played out within that environment and further understand the relationship to their architectural environment.