Daily Notebook
Project info

“Minimalismo è l’impegno di sbarazzarsi dell’ecceso nella propia vita in modo da vivere significativamente e focalizzati su tutto ciò che è importante.”
Decontextualize the object, to turn it into a fact of aesthetic value, to becoming in sign, simbol, admiration mark (!) and / or question mark (?) within a reality that, in its own geometry, remains equally whimsical to distancing itself and its immediate reference, it seems to be the premise of the “daily notebook” series. Born of the need of reconciliation with the environment and at the same time to respond to the need to narrate our own self and our current times, through the objects, urban landscapes details, and our relationship with it, in a descriptive process of our interaction with the world, and our connection with the objective reality in our search for identity, both collectively and individually. In the strict sense “daily notebook” is not intended as biography of person, nor seeks to document attempts rather, but be a visual book flyers, to narrate, with a little bit of irony the life of the city in photographic images with an strict minimalism and conceptual simplicity, where the main character is the triviality, where the cuts of urban reality make up the geography of a landscape that is also inside the onwself.
The images presented in this portfolio are a brief selection of the series.