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The concept of "worshiping the nature" is no longer part of our relationship with nature. It has been fading away from our society together with rituals and symbols. However, symbols of nature have firmly embedded in our history and culture while transforming dynamically.
Entering the age of civilization, human starts to shape nature based on our needs, even modifying genes to make animals and plants easy to breed. Part of nature has already adapted to their new role among us. Animals and plants that did not belong to some local systems are now appearing and interweaving with all sorts of artificial light, creating the scene of glamorous allure or the grotesque.
This series begins with a new type of wild beauty that is co-created by human and nature. The capture of these individual fragments is an exploration of the tangled relationship between human and nature. Civilization and nature are constantly interacting with each other, maintaining an ambiguous relationship. While exclaiming over the timeless beauty of nature, these images might also be a reflection of the future direction of nature evolution and human-nature relationship.