Plastic Reincarnation
Project info

The series 'Plastic Reincarnation' is composed of photographs taken with a disposable camera.
The concept developed while I followed the traditional pilgrimage trail of 88 temples in Shikoku, the least populated of the four main islands of Japan. During the shooting I was motivated to face the faint sense of being alive that I have struggled with since I was a child. To overcome the feeling of alienation and desolation, I used disposable film cameras which are limited to 39 images. Since the life-cycle of the camera is short and transitory I was able to experience life and death again and again, virtually. When I finished each film roll I felt silent pains, but through that I began to be able to trace the outline of life, to gain a concrete feeling of existence. The series collects the chaotic fragments of the world and things that fascinated me - the beautiful, the spooky, the colorful- things which are constantly being created and also vanishing.

I embraced the world of the transitory.