38 fragments of a chronology of chance
Project info

The current developing refugee crisis is one of most pressing problem in Europe. In Germany where I'm based in, there is also lots of problems around it and many visual images of that were reported through news report of medias especially in this year. Those images were stacked in myself as personal memory, and they are connecting and intertwining also unrelated images.

The 'photographs' which used as a subject/material in the 'photographs' of this series with 38 images in total, weren't taken some subjects at a specific incident relates with the refugee crisis. But the images were snap shot in my personal trip in south Europe and north Africa with peaceful scenes e.g. people selling on a fish market, or people walking on a street. And then that were reconstructed with some snap shot images I have taken previously, in order to recalls an incident image.

In each image, some symbols/codes which would be a hint of an incidents was putted in. I didn't try to remake just one scene but taking in the picture also the moment immediately before or after, through the combination of the images side by side, and reconstructing form.

This is also an experiment to try putting some different storyline in a picture; The time that the 'photograph' as material in the forest was taken, the time of the each people appears in the material, the time of fictional story that is made through the combining and remaking, and the time that were taken this pictures itself.

In this case, the subject of the photograph is photograph itself. Accordingly, this images disclaim reliability of photographs, fundamentally.

This photography series is a parody of news report/documentary images of today, in a way. And it is also homage to film director Michael Haneke and his film '71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance' in 1994.