Concretist cityscape
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One of the most important artistic trends born in the XXth century, Constructivism and its various movements, such as Neoplasticism and Concretism, defended a geometric and abstract artistic expression, free from figurations, which would favor the collective aspect of society. Piet Mondrian, one of its greatest exponents, even said that he believed that one day "society no longer would need art because the constructivist art would be inserted in the town through architecture so that everyone would be living in a great democratic work of art".
Built in the 1950s, Brasilia is contemporary of the concretist movement in Brazil. The urban arrangement of its buildings sets a cityscape which is reminiscent of the thinking of Mondrian.
The series "Concretist Cityscape" celebrates this affinity. Created by light and shadows on the ordinary buildings of Brasilia, its images evoke the graphic works of concretist artists.