Us Alone
Project info

This series of portraits of young couples living together in Paris and London are a departure from the traditional image of the happy, loving couple within vernacular photography and instead address the hidden, melancholy moments of coexistence.

The photographs began after moving country to live in Paris and cohabit with a partner for the first time, whereupon isolation and dependence were never far away; and ended with the breakdown of the relationship.

Entering the homes of real couples, I asked them to be part of a story, to narrate a moment within two lovers’ lives when the communication falters and the unity separates. I photographed the sadness, the tension, the boredom which can trouble a life of cohabitation, at some point. They play actors within their own lives, in reconstructed scenes of heightened alienation. I grew up with the illusion that being in love was the ultimate answer. By embellishing the intimate lives of others I hoped to make sense of my own relationship and the stories I had created about love.