Subject: changed hanging beliefs in iran
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Nazaqorbany or slang terms Qorbany a fetish was and is common in many people. The purpose of the sacrifice is to prevent the evil eye. Comments victim on the head and neck of children or loved things that suppliers earn family income, as well as home and office wall hangs laid. Hanging bell cap with a comment victim was customary. Most of the victims used to decorate.

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Nazars (charms against the evil eye) sold in a shop in Quincy Market, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Note the various modifications to the simple traditional form, such as setting the nazar into butterflies or Christian imagery.

A nazar (Turkish: nazar boncuğu, Old Turkic: gökçe munçuk, meaning "blue bead") is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. “Evil eye”, from boncuğu (derivative of boncuk, which means “bead” in Turkish) and nazar (from the Arabic نظر, “sight” or “seeing”).

In Persian/Afghan folklore, it is called a cheshm nazar (چشم نظر) or nazar ghorboni (نظرقربونی).[1] They believe that if a person is complimented a lot, they will be jinxed and often sick the next day unless a verse of the Quran is recited.

In Urdu, it is also called "nazar" (نظر).