23 Bus
Project info

On a cold day in November waiting for a bus at Marble Arch, I noticed that the toy London buses in the souvenir shop window were all number 23s. As I looked up I saw an actual 23 bus to Ladbroke Grove, and almost simultaneously realised I’d paid £23 for an old Olympus Trip camera on EBay the day before. I ran and caught the 23 bus. I was now in the grip of the 23 enigma: a belief that most incidents and events are directly connected to the number 23. For the next few months I photographed through the windows of the 23 bus, on it’s route across central London with my cheap analogue camera. As the films were processed I regularly left small snapshot sized prints on the bus for strangers to find, hoping in some way to add to the enigma.
These pictures present a small document of those journeys.