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“ A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees”. William Blake

TRUNCATED is an intensive portrayal of an ageing pine forest plantation in Derbyshire, England made between 2005 - 2008. The series identifies a landscape where nature finds shelter and protection from its own elemental chaos. It explores the natural spirituality of the place, which is largely unaffected by the modern world. Hart’s narrative is further enhanced by his use of traditional darkroom printing techniques. 

TRUNCATED was published by Dewi Lewis Publishing (2009) as Hart's first monograph. The series received widespread critical acclaim and was awarded a silver medal at the Prix de la Photographie (Paris) in 2009.

“Paul Hart’s images of single trees function like portraits, highlighting character and nuanced individualities - with one important difference. Trees do not react like people when a camera is pointed at them. Tree ‘portraits’ depend solely on the sensibility of the photographer.” Gerry Badger : ‘Meetings with Unremarkable Trees' - The photography of Paul Hart