Project info

I have been exploring how to let the images create themselves and avoid being manipulated by photographers and cameras. I used several processes from historic to contemporary to process the same image, such as reticulated film by high temperature developing process, liquid emulsion, inkjet printing, darkroom printing and encaustic painting. I merged all these processes together by making digital negatives. It is impossible to control and manipulate the result by adding these processes to the same image together. I’m curious about what the image will be after so many processes, and what it is? Is it still a photograph? How to name it? The result is random, no one knows what it will look like.
In order to liberate my photographs completely, I want to involve chaos into my images. If the law and order rule the universe, chaos is something totally disorganized. The random elements from chaos will bring a new essential vitality to the photographs themselves. The dark tone in my images references the universe. It’s infinite and empty. When I chose my subject matter, I was looking for subjects with unpredictable elements, they’re unstable and disordered, such as wind, clouds and water. Many systems which we live exhibit complex and chaotic behaviors, such as crustal movement and butterfly effect. These nonlinear things are impossible to predict and control.