Beyond the Train Window
Project info

Raised on a small island with no trains, it was my childhood dream to go on a train for an exciting adventure.
Even after my dream has came true when I moved to an urban area for university, watching the sights passing through a train window was still somewhat spacial.
These pictures were the challenges to capture the scene of my dreams taken from a train window.

The picture was digital processed by layering ten to fifteen images to create a multi-exposure like effect.
By doing this, it was possible to combine the changing sights taken from a train window as a single image which different time and destination coexists.

Now the trains are part of my life and I often travels around Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe in Japan.
It was an attempt to capture the surface of my life's sphere and condense it into a picture.
I want to call the scene made by this “The Face of Places.”
And this is the scene of the dream I imagined as a child.