Fleeing for Life: Syrian Refugees in Istanbul
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Since the start of the Syrian Civil War in March 2011, an increasing number of refugees have sought asylum in Turkey. The escalation of violations in 2012 further increased the need for humanitarian aid.

From the outset of the conflict, the Republic of Turkey followed an open door policy to refugees. According to a survey that was held in June-July 2013, there were over 200,000 Syrian refugees in camps in Turkey. Beyond that, it was estimated that there were a total of 350,000 Syrian refugees outside of the camps in various cities across the country.

On June 1, 2014, the UN refugee agency put the number of Syrians in Turkey at 765,000. Over 185,000 of the overall population are children under five. The Turkish deputy prime minister has said that the number of Syrians in neighboring Turkey has surpassed 1 million. More than 700,000 of them live outside of camps. The number seems likely to increase as the Syrian conflict drags on.

This is the story of a few of those Syrian refugees who have successfully fled and are struggling to start over.

—Turjoy Chowdhury