Project info

Each of us has two sides. The light and the dark. The light is one we usually show,trying to be perfect, more likeable, what we think is right. Many times we put masks to protect ourselves, hide our pain, hide our feelings… But there is also the other one. The dark side.We let few people pass through it ,we are afraid to show many truths about ourselves,propably because of the fear of them letting us go. Noone wants to be alone or unloved. But the truth is that dark things are more attractive than the light ones .They are more impressive,more shiny and beautiful.. Sometimes we try to reach them even if they are fatal because we get impressed by them, attracted, enchanted...They hide what we call beauty or passion or adventure! In this project I show the darkness inside me,but its how I see it or feel it. It’s different. And not only in me as each of us has a different meaning of darkness. Well I wish these pictures say something to you and make you feel,not only for what you see but also for yourself Enjoy!