Project 1970
Project info

The source materials for the series, Project 1970, are the original slides from my grandparents’ world trip in 1970. Years ago, my grandma gave me the slides from their trip, her retro 'Argus Previewer' and my grandpa's notebook. I've weaved them into parts of my photography practice ever since. My technique involves using only the light from an analogue projector to project slides onto a model and digitally photograph what I see.

I am intrigued by the shadows and distortions of the projected image and the way the human form, captured, becomes almost unrecognisable. Through representing parts of the body out of context and a different lens, I try to evoke a kind of sensual memory, creating links with past memories, even if they are not my own.

I have always been interested in memory and am intrigued with the notion of reinvigorating past memories and representing them in fresh ways. Through this project I have heard new stories from my grandma's travels and about our family history. Using these personal source materials has prompted many discussions with people about their old family slide collections and the joys of "slide nights". Future generations will indeed have their own stories to tell of technologies used to create and share memories with loved ones.