The Gathering Storm
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Artist Statement

The beauty of the world around me keeps me in an almost perpetual state of awe. Growing up in the farmlands of Ohio and Illinois, we lived in small towns bordering rural communities. As a child, I clearly remember sitting in the backyard watching massive thunderstorms rolling across farm fields, mesmerized by the beauty, raw power, and the inherent sense of danger that I felt. These storms never failed to fill me with a sense of dread. To this day, I remain awed and humbled by nature’s power; and I am reminded that we still live and work at the mercy of the environment and that even in today’s world, the power of nature is still something to be respected.

The chosen landscapes are representative of the areas where I grew up and serve as backdrops for displaying the effects of natural atmospheric forces. The man-made structures seem to be under assault from the turbulent skies, representing the diminutive, fragile character of man in the face of nature. This dynamic interaction allows the beauty of the landscape to couple with our knowledge of how dangerous and unforgiving nature can be. This sense of danger pushes the experience beyond appreciation of simple beauty, transcending the picturesque and entering into the realm of the sublime.