Project info

I am fascinated by women's softness, tenderness and fragility. In my photographs I like to join both, femininity and sadness together. Every photoshoot helps me to ventilate my own sadness hidden inside of me. I believe that every emotion is an energy that can be transformed from one form in to the another one. I aim to capture emotions in photographs. For some reason I have found, that ginger and freckled people have something unique in their soul. Something very similar to mine. I love freckles. They always make me thinking and asking myself questions like, why are they there? Why others don’t have them? And why someone have so many of them? That really fascinate me that much that I can not even explain it. It is amazing.
I also like the way they pose. They do everything I expect. I don’t even have to tell them much about where to move, or how to turn, or where to look because they are doing it automatically. We are in symbiosis and I can feel the right atmosphere for photoshoot. For me they are special, there is not many of them out there and that is why I really like them. I love to be exited if I will find any and what their soul will be like. At the moment, the best muses through who I can express my feelings are women and ginger women and men.