Project info

'Matador' is my awkward air-kiss to Milan. An oblique portrait of the city I'm struggling to call home.

I'd love to say I skipped off the train, turned on a sixpence and effortlessly found the back of the net. But the truth is I arrived in the Winter gloom looking a bit gaunt.

Since it's not a city that soothes my soul, I use photography as the flaming stick that keeps my hyenas at bay. That frictional relationship means there's an element of confrontation at work hence the title 'Matador'. But where I come from we tend to enjoy a wee confrontation, so hopefully there's a little panache in the pictures that betrays the pleasure I took in taking them.

This is not an empirical snapshot of the city. More of a sideways squint.

I'm not sure what other people will actually make of the pictures. Hopefully they'll love them. Or hate them for all the wrong reasons. Skimming through them I have the impression of an uneasy absence; of something slipping free. Or maybe I'm reading time's arrow in reverse and in fact something is just about to happen ? Maybe something good for a change.