Portfolio Category - LCEA 2013
Project info

"At best, a photograph contains multiple layers of significance. It is ambiguous and somewhat confusing. Just like society."

My submission contains 12 photographs from the ongoing series ‘The Continuity of Man’, a caleidoscopic documentary portrait of the Mediterranean region and the 20 countries that border the sea. 'The Continuity of Man' highlights various contemporary issues such as urbanization, migration, crisis and conflict in the region. This project, which I initiated in 2010, will be launched in november 2014, with a book and an exhibition.

The Mediterranean is more than history and geography. Although the Med appears to be a geographical unity, culturally, politically, socially and naturally spoken, the region is extremely diverse. Therefore my photographic representation is not limited to one single topic, but comprises a multitude of themes and approaches. It shows the Mediterranean region in all its diversity and contrasts.

Today the Mediterranean region hits the headlines once again. The eurocrisis, the Arab spring, the conflict in the Middle East, immigration in Europe, the ongoing urbanization of the coastline, are just some of the tendencies that determines the region’s zeitgeist. However, I consider this documentary not as a journalistic product, but rather as an artistic and documentary piece of work.