The Last Miners
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The Nord-Pas de Calais area is turning a page. And quickly. Coal mines are closed. New poles of skills oriented towards high tech and a new Louvre museum are built on the remains of old coal mine. Trees and grass are growing up on the land of old coal mines. And that's fine. The region is entering a new economic, social and cultural age. This is the 3rd industrial revolution.

Previously, there was necessarily the first and second industrial revolution. And here it was the coal mine. Our mountains are not covered with snow and are not places of tourism. They were created man-made for more than 270 years. They have contributed to the development of a culture, values ​​and a spirit not only present but it is the very one that gives us the courage to approach the third industrial revolution today.

By portraying miners still alive, I wanted to pay tribute to those who built our mountains.
Laurent Mayeux.