Project info

'Interiors' is a set of black and white photographs taken on 35 mm film. In this set I narrate with frames an intimate and autobiographic personal state.
At the end of March 2014 I left my country, leaving behind a comfortable life surrounded by my everyday commodities, my family and my friends. I had just arrived to London when I began this project.
I have always been very interested in exploring the deepest states of the soul and in this series I am showing you, I am narrating my feelings when I began my life in London. In the first months, instead of throwing myself into the new city with its corners full as of adventures and its streets with precipices, I spent my time looking backwards, a reflection on and reconciliation with myself. I realised that for many years I had been rejecting and hiding from myself. The source of this series starts with this feeling, portraying a female character that hides and appears from behind the curtains, set in a house where my thoughts and most intimate feelings take place. The title 'Interiors' gives strength to this idea.

With 'Interiors' finished, I received an invitation from my good friend M.Kuiper to collaborate with his e-magazine Nuit et Noirs. I started selecting the photographs for this collaboration immediately. Placing all my unpublished photographs, cardboards, charcoals, pens and a sewing kit from a hotel on my desk - a collection of the only tools I had handy, as my working tools had not arrived to London yet - I felt an intense need to use my hands, to create something physical, touchable and fill with texture all those thoughts that had been my constant companion. This is how I created the last photo-collage of this series that I titled 'silent from inside'.