Scenes from Brussels
Project info

Original title: 'Brusselse scènes, Bruxelles en scène'

How well can you really know a big city that you have lived and worked in for years?

The photo documentary ‘Brusselse scènes, Bruxelles en scène’ is the result of a journey of exploration through the city’s 19 municipalities, known under the collective name of Brussels.

Since 2009, I have been wandering through the streets of this urban labyrinth, and I haven’t been able to reach the end of the maze just yet.

Due to the complex nature of the city, the project is split into different chapters. Each part is a stand-alone story that tells you something about the city in its own way.

After sunset, the city transforms. Offices, shops, schools and parking lots stand empty. The night shift takes over.

A row of identical grey apartment buildings is transformed into a spectacle of colours and lights when the inhabitants return home and turn on their lights.

The action of the scene fades away, the actors disappear to the background, but the traces remain, and the stage becomes visible.

Brussels is the number one demonstration capital of Europe. Three out of four days there is a demonstration going on somewhere in the city, in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Besides demonstrations, countless events are organised that don’t always get the media attention they deserve. These picnics, carnivals, parties, Facebook events, and processions tell a much happier and friendlier story of the city. They refute the image of the gritty, impersonal metropolis that many people imagine Brussels to be.