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I think that the difference between the natural and artificially protection of environment is not clearly.
Today, for the environmental protection we are planting trees, improving soil and preserving seacoast.
And often it looks like natural at first glance.
However, the native plants and organisms are not there necessarily, so it means at least affect the surrounding environment.
There is a place that an uninhabited island where arrives in 2 minutes by boat from the harbor.
Once there was connected by land, and people made it to the island in the early Edo period.
People has lived before WW II, and now it is possible to see minimal evidence everywhere.
For the defense of the coastline, batteries have been constructed by the Imperial Japanese Army about 1900.
Photography and sketch around the island is prohibited in terms of security, the general public has become off-limits.
After the war, the batteries were destroyed by U.S. forces which stationed to Japan, gradually people went away from the island that lost its function as a fortress.

It have passed for many years since it changed to the uninhabited island.
By a minimum level of protection by human, this isolated island will regain the appearance of the natural before inhabited.
It looks like in the future that a person has become extinct.