Music Men
Project info

Over the past year, I have been writing arts and entertainment pieces for a local Alaskan paper. For me, it was a dream come true when I found out I got to interview and photograph the musicians whose music made up the soundtrack to my life. I spent hours researching the bands to prepare for my interviews and I thought for sure I knew all there was to know - these were sanctified rock demi-gods living everyone's childhood dream. I quickly found out that I, like most starstruck fans, didn’t know the half of it.

These musicians travelled thousands of miles by bus, played the same songs night after night, missed their families and sacrificed normalcy all for the sake of their music. They skyrocketed to fame only to unceremoniously crash when fans tired of their sound. They mucked through tedium for the glorious chaos of being on stage in front of a packed house of screaming fans all clambering to get used drumstick or guitar pick.

With each musician I interviewed, the veneer of rock god stripped away and I saw them as the mere mortals they truly are. As a photographer, I wanted to capture the quiet moments on stage when the truth about their profession could be seen. It was no easy task. Having only 9 minutes per a concert to extract a truthful photographic portrait is daunting to say the least. In the end, I hope that I have achieved my goal and my viewers can not only see but feel my images. To that end, I wanted to let the images speak for themselves rather than insert my own commentary. As a fellow reporter once told me: "adjectives are the death of reporters, as is inserting yourself into the story."