Order and Chaos (first 12); State of Mind (last 8)
Project info

Order and Chaos (first 12 images):
For years I’ve researched complex systems in biology related to difficult, chronic diseases. I’m acutely attuned to the complex networks that make the world work (or not) and feel they come through on the visual surface of things as well. In this ongoing body of work, I explore the order and chaos in the world through visualizations of things both natural and manmade. Extracted from context, closely seen and rendered in monochrome, the emphasis on subject is subjugated to an exploration of underlying principles of order and chaos, simplicity and complexity.

State of Mind (last 8 images):
An offshoot of the Order and Chaos portfolio, State of Mind is a tightly focused set of sixteen images of a single subject from different points of view. For it, I made many exposures of the draped fabric of Alaskan fishing nets held up to cloudy skies. Singly, each image portrays a momentary state, while several together, with different focal and view points, provide a greater but sometimes even more confusing view of the whole.