Take a deep look inside the multicultural identities
Project info

The theme of my project on multiculturalism born from an idea of my mind, because I am myself the result of five culture put together; thanks to my multicultural family I have never felt myself represented by a culture or a state or a language as the majority of people in Western society.I always feel a citizen of the world. I've always been curious to know other people with minimal two cultures imprinted in their skin like me and see
what they heard and felt about their cultures; if dominated one or the other or as in my case absolutely no one! Normally we manage to mix the he side that we love of each culture; and bring out its own unique identity and irreproducible. So after I heard other similar stories to mine ,I wanted to be able to represent it in a visual language, documenting their tastes, loves or repulsion for some things that belong to one or more cultures to which they belong. Thanks to Amsterdam is a city based on multiculturalism, it not has been hard to find other people who belonged to more cultures, and possess unique temperaments characters in its being. For this series I chose a very young Italo-Brazilian girl Debora (22 years old) she just entering adulthood.As a second person I chose a boy, so we could see the difference in them ideas about the same from the male and female side. Zazzi is Italo-Eritrean and has already passed the age of 30 years old. In this way we can also feel the difference of identity between two people with different ages.