At Risk, With Promise
Project info

Portraits of the students who attend Crossroads Alternative High School

In my ongoing series "At Risk, With Promise" I collaborate with students to create portraits that reflect a moment in their lives when they are on the path toward personal and academic success.

In each portrait they determine how they want to be depicted, and together we select the setting, the time and any additional points of reference they choose.

Whether the students elect to be photographed alone, with friends, at home or at school, they overcome vulnerability: the teenage posing drops away, and each person reveals their true self in honor of our collaboration.

I sense their self-confidence rising through the experience of making this collaborative portrait and observe how they connect with themselves in a new way. As an artist it is humbling and inspiring to be able to give and receive inside of this collaboration.

I photograph my students with an antique film camera, 6 x 6 format. The artistic process is evident to them as I wind film, take light readings and spend time focusing. The pace of this process affords contemplation and focus for both of us.

My exhibition prints are produced on Rag paper and printed full frame to 24 x 24 inches. POR