Project info

I have always been drawn to a sense of place. Heritage, family, memory and loss are themes I continue to draw from in my work. I feel a constant need to explore my connection to these things, and in making the work, to deal with my fear of loss. I seem to be circling an essential question_ how does Motherhood alter all of these things. How much of my identity is tied to being a mother, does Motherhood define me? What does it mean to my life, my history, and how has it changed me? The first stage of Motherhood is coming to an end and I see that we are emerging. In this work I found quiet moments were the evening light filtered into our space and fell onto my children and myself. I feel that the Platinum Palladium process, being a historic process, contributed to the timeless nature of the subject. I chose contact prints of the 4x5 negatives because to me they are sentimental and precious, and as such helped to emphasize the theme of the work.