Intimate Cosmography
Project info

These portraits are part of the series Intimate Cosmography that I developed in the neighborhood Tepito in centre of Mexico City.

Each portrait reveals intimate nooks and moments in the lives of 9 women from one Mexican family. They are all mothers and daughters that traverse 4 generations, united through blood, marginalization and their own concept of family. Their resilience relies on being at once accomplices and interdependent on each other to subsist within a violent and corrupt context where the men are largely absent within the nuclear family. With few options available to them, the women anchor themselves firmly to their destiny or else become stripped of family responsibility. They are the women of the Romero family represented by personal cosmographies.

The proposed narrative is presented as a photographic tableau, in which each woman is at the centre of her personal cosmos. Intimacy is revealed as an ambience, an ideology where instinct is the only medium for connecting to the outside. Each detail, each space, denotes a certain state, a life of pure instances lived as is, in the present, like a main temporal space.