Leaving Threads - Light and Silver
Project info

In my photographic series “Leaving Threads - Light & Silver” I am traveling in time creating a link between the past and the present. In this series I try to engage in a conversation with history creating psychological and philosocal portraits. In my series I am searching for traces of and investigating the Argentine History in search of some of my origins. I embarked on a journey leading me to Buenos Aires where I found some old photographs from the beginning of the 20th century in a fleemarket. I rephotographed and recreated the photographs by making interventions. In this way my work is situated on the threshold between the past and the present, imagination and reality. I focus on the hidden and poetic history of a place and a person. I try to reveal the different layers of history, mythology and the present, to create a narrative image, a sort of visual archeology, at times blending or colliding with imminent social and political realities.
I work with analogue photographs using a large amount of time in the darkroom developing the rephotographed photographs. I am creating a personal bond with them pretending that I have taken the photographs – that I have been making these portraits. Central to my work with memory and history are also the disappearance and reappearance of a past moment in the analogue process.
Afterwards I reconstruct the images by making interventions and sewing and adding other elements to the images thus underlining the connection between the past and the present. These are works that carry traces of my hand and of time passing. It is a process of transformation and a movement in time and memory which is also leading me to combine text and image - either as long titles or as longer texts. When they are exhibited the text might hang next to the image to which it is referring or in a space of its own. I imagine that the long titles and the texts are the voices of the photographs, poetic voices which are circling around the past and the present, reconstructing history by mixing real historical events or persons with poetic and personal fictions.