Dopo Roma (After Rome)
Project info

“Dopo Roma” captures subjects outside roman clubs as parties begin to slowly wind down. Placing the main concern on a scene as unfavorable as familiar, the series of images explore on how these environments can become a key element when building teenage identity. The conventional studio photography techniques are taken out of context to new complex scenarios in which calm and inspiration are supplanted by the hostile and clamorous sorroundigs of the club.

In front of the lens the subjects improvise, based on the issues which they themselves decide to show or omit. Thus, each portrait shows a two-fold reality halfway between the portraying act as we understand it and the accidental honesty of the messages conveyed by the appearance, body language and attitudes of the subject.

“Dopo Roma” holds the magnetism of discrepancy which flows from the
contradiction between technique and result. Likewise in a redemption act, the characters and their surroundings are left suspended in a range in which the noise and the hubbub become static in a placid and serene atmosphere.