Project info

I love to do candid photography. I don’t like the “say cheese” pictures. I wanted to capture the candid facial expression of people as it is.
I find it very exciting to walk the streets “hunting” faces. (and I walked many streets in many cities) In other segments of photography when you go to take pictures you can in many cases predict or even plan your action and results. When taking candid street images, you have no idea what you are going to catch. You have to rely on your eyes, instincts and quick decision and reaction. The trick is to blend into the crowd, move slowly and be ready. The difficult part is to spot a face in a distance and position yourself in a way that you will be able capture that face when he/she is closer to you.
What I want is to capture a human face and show the feelings, emotions and the state of mind of that person at that moment. To accentuate that facial expression, I started with time to remove the portraits natural background and replace it with a dark one. I want the viewer to be alone with the portrait without any other elements that might disturbs the viewer’s attention. I hope that I manage.
Itzick Lev