Cheeky. Wild. Wonderful “An Observation of childhood freedom”
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"My children teach me to observe every moment, to marvel once more and to love unconditionally - they are, for me, true teachers of life, I learn about freedom, wildness, imagination, joy and touchability.

And I wonder how much freedom is left to the children today? How much strength is expected, and how much fragility may be shown? How honest can they be? Masks are invented to be destroyed again. The human being behind them yet remaining pure, the heart easy.

Just how restrictive is this cage into which we adults allow ourselves to be placed?

When did we last “ lie on a meadow, our souls dancing in the air? The heavens, a dappled white” - as Kurt Tucholsky writes in his wonderful love story "Schloß Gripsholm"? Ah yes, then we  speak of love.

Touched by the moment - following this intense bonding, and an incomprehensible understanding, I photograph, capturing that moment of transience whose existence is the very reason for my work, trying not to disturb the moment, staging unnecessary. What’s there, is enough.

Original quote Kurt Tucholsky: “Lately we lay on the meadow, our souls dancing in the air. The heavens were dappled white." - (Gripsholm Castle)