The Road Trip Revisited
Project info

The Road Trip Revisited is a search for belonging amidst the changing scenery. Road with no end. Trip with no destination. Looking back into the past, at photos taken on trips carefully filed away in neat folders, I cast my fleeting shadow onto these places, and from there I take with me a part of the land. My existence is ephemeral, I am forgotten as soon as I leave. And try as I might to remember them, they eventually fade, too.

Forces draw me in opposite directions - they tell me I should be here or there, they pressure me into returning to places I used to call home. These forces create an absence, a feeling of disidentification that makes me feel uneasy about staying in one place for too long. At the same time, this series expresses my wanting for emersion. My inclination for the nostalgic goes hand in hand with my desire to be on the move, and together, they drove me to create The Road Trip Revisited.