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They are people like you and me - ALL HUMAN
All over the world there are people who flee their homes
trying to get away from violence. The number of those is
appaling. They are people like you and me, humans like
us, fathers and mothers, daughters and sons. People
like Ameen, Gholam, Zahra, Fadi and Madina. People
full of fears, hopes and dreams. In days gone by as
well as in these days. Before war had made them leave
their homes and later after they had found a new place
to stay in Austria. What connects us, what we have in
common is humanity, being humans.
The project ALL HUMAN wants to show what can be
seen behind the expression „refugee“ without using the
word itself, using images, words and moving pictures. It
is about the human being - no more -no less. It is about
the people´s future, their wishes and hopes and above
all how the people cope with their new situation, their
new life.
ALL HUMAN puts a face to this issue, honestly - a face
wearing no make-up, plain, authentic, human.
ALL HUMAN is a powerful collection of impressions and
expressions, tales, experiences and expectations.